Alice™ C-Frame

The Alice™ C-frame is a depositor and extruder suitable for small-scale production. It handles any type of mass and works with up to 3 different masses at the same time giving you the freedom to be creative.

The Alice™ C-frame can be used as a standalone machine, available with its own conveyor for continuous production.  It is easy to operate and is merely a quality plug-and-play machine. 


Add-on equipment

Feeder Mixer

Feeding and mixing ingredients into a tempered chocolate mass. Enables you to produce products with various inclusions.

Filling & Weighing St.

This station allows you to accurately deposit chocolate mass into boxes with a capacity up to 2½ tons/hr.

Melting Tank

The melting tanks have a capacity from 150 kg to 3,000 kg. Designed in hygienic stainless steel and is easily installed to your production line.


The chocolate pumps work with or without inclusions, pumps any chocolate mass regardless of viscosity. The range includes CP and CPI pumps

Bringing innovation to confectionery and bakery

Aasted Extruding Machines

The Alice™ brings innovation, quality and creativity to the bakery and confectionery industry. With the Alice™ technology you can produce the finest and most beautiful products in any size, shape and with any filling or inclusion you can dream of. With this technology, the limit will only be set by your imagination. 

The Alice™ is designed for any production purpose, whether you need a small lab equipment for product development or for high scale producing 24 hours a day. The Alice™ is designed for bringing creativity and quality to the industry, and is based on technology that gives you the steering wheel. 

Innovate and create

With the Alice™ C-Frame you can easily use it as a testing station for innovate ideas. Try out different inclusions, fillings or try out combining different masses and create new and delicious combinations. Simply plug and play! 

FlexBooster™ & CamRotor™

In patented technology the FlexBooster captures and handles masses in the hopper. The technology allows a significantly reduced booster speed compared to traditional methods. 

The FlexBooster acts as the main feed roller that guides any volume of mass towards the CamRotor.

The CamRotor is a new and simple three-dimensional impeller. Combined with the FlexBooster the process creates a unique handling of any mass with or without inclusion. Camroter™ creates a gentle suction lift from the mass fed in the FlexBooster™. The CamRotor™ rotates continuously making the extrusion is exceptionally precise.

Together the two patented inventions give you the freedom of being creative while having a flawless end result.


QuickShift™ Tools

Want to create a great variety of products? Quickshift tools allows you to be creative with the following options:

  • One-shot
  • Two-color mass extrusion and wire cutting or single-mass extrusion
  • Wire cutting for large inclusions.
  • Sequence depositing
  • Single depositing and extrusion
  • Depositing with pivoting motion

We also offer you customized tools made just for your requirements. This will enable you to create any shape and inclusion you want. 

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