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Discover our solutions for the chocolate, bakery and confectionery industries. The video site will be updated ongoing with new materials from the Aasted headquarters and our customers around the world. 

Customer Cases

Chocolates Valor


Hval Sjokoladefabrikk



Sv. Michelsen

Island Bakery Organics


FrozenCone® Technology

SuperNova Orbit Aeration

Bertha™ stencil depositor

Energy tempering

Nielsen Cooling tunnel


Conny™ Convection oven

StellaNova® tempering

Eriksen Rollers

Nielsen Energy enrober

Production Lines

Enrobing Twin Biscuits

Jensen Line

Belt line - Chunks

Aasted Bakery Line

Modularization Jensen Line

Belt line - Chips

Midi Maxi Line

Belt line - Chards

User Interface

Aasted Smart Control™