Tailor-made enrobing solutions

Aasted provides you pioneering chocolate coating solutions. With the Nielsen Enrobing line, your production is embedded with efficient, reliable and world class machinery. Whether your products require chocolate, compound or sugar-coating, we have the right solution for you.

Since 1942 we have developed enrobing technology that leaves your products with the perfect end results. We take great pride in offering you the best engineering and innovative enrobing solutions, which also applies to partners in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Discover a patented energy-saving technology that allows significantly decreased energy usage with simultaneously increased chocolate quality.
Our industry leading patented solutions provide incomparable enhancements for your production, regardless of the size.

The new and energy saving chocolate coating concept deviates from the traditional methods. Complementing an Energy Enrober with a SuperNova Energy tempering machine, you can expect 50-80% in energy savings.

Nielsen Energy Enrober

The Nielsen Energy enrober is a revolutionary energy efficient chocolate enrober. The quality enhancing and energy saving technology applies from small to large scale production.

Nielsen Master Enrober

The Nielsen Master enrober provides you an accurate and efficient chocolate coating for any type of product. It delivers reliability and accuracy from small to large production.

Nielsen Junior Enrober

The Nielsen Junior enrober is the right choice for medium sized production. It is very flexible, has easy handling and delivers accurate quality enrobing for any type of product.

Aasted Nielsen Bottomer
Nielsen Bottomer

The Nielsen Bottomer provides advanced and universal bottoming enrobing with chocolate and compound masses for chocolate, bakery and confectionery products.

Nielsen Tempa 420

The Nielsen Tempa 420 is a flexible enrober with an built-in tempering machine. With no requirement of cooling water, you are provided a movable unit that delivers accurate enrobing works.

Nielsen Baby Flex Enrober

The Nielsen Baby Flex enrober is suited for smaller productions and can be disassembled without tools. It delivers accurate enrobing works in a highly flexible and efficient manner.

What is Enrobing?

Enrobing is the process of coating a certain product with chocolate, whether it being dark, milk or white chocolate. Enrobing can also be done with caramel, sugar icing and fondant – depending on your final product. The product that is enrobed varies from chocolate to bakery and confectionery products and can be taken out on e.g. small scale prior to decoration or at a large scale for industrial production. 

Enrobing of a product starts with a product on the feed band, the enrober maintains the chocolate at a constant temperature ensuring a homogeneous mass, pumps it into a flow pan. The chocolate then flows from the pan into a curtain of chocolate, completely coating the products passing through. Aasted enrobing technologies allow coating of various masses such as caramel and sugar, furthermore partial, bottoming and combined enrobing. 

Energy Enrobing

The Energy Enrobing Concept deviates from traditional enrobing methods by having a direct injection of tempered chocolate. The Energy Enrobing Concept enhances your output and extends the shelf life time of your products.
Furthermore, the concept gives you significant energy savings compared to traditional tempering machines. 

The tempering index and mixture temperature are kept at a constant level, giving the thickness of the enrobed layer a perfect and stable thickness. This results in a beautiful gloss and gives the product a good break. Combining a Nielsen Energy Enrober with a SuperNova Energy Tempering machine gives you the perfect environment for having the best crystallization, whilst achieving remarkable energy savings. 

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