Pioneers in chocolate depositing

High precision depositing

Aasted has a long history of producing chocolate and center depositors, wherein 1950 we created the world’s largest moulding line. With our chocolate depositors, you will experience minimized production time, quality enhancements through precise and clear-cut engineering.

We offer you a broad chocolate depositor machine program with only the most precise and high-quality machinery. The chocolate depositor program offers you built-in or standalone machinery. Furthermore, we offer you customizable solutions that adapt entirely to your requirements. 

Whether you need center filling of any kind, bottom, one or many colors or aerated masses, our chocolate depositor program covers it. If you require a large, medium, or small scale or even at a hobby level production, we have the right solution for you.

The design enables you to have a a chocolate depositor machine that is easy to clean, gives you the freedom to be creative with your products while increasing the efficiency of your production.

SE 14 teaser.jpg
SE14 Depositor

The SE14 allows you to deposit solid and filled chocolates. Available in different variations the SE14 series suits large scale production with its high speed and accuracy.

ETX teaser.jpg
ETX Depositor

If you require a center depositor for high sugar content filling of a product the ETX delivers reliability and accuracy. Suitable for medium to large scale production.

Sophus Flexible Depositor

A cost effective depositor for solid and filled chocolates. The depositor suits a small to medium production and is available in several variants for different requirements.

EP2 - teaser.jpg
EP2 Depositor

Changing between products and depositing materials is fast and simple with the EP2. Suitable for medium to large scale production the depositor handles solid and filled chocolates.

ESA Teaser.jpg
ESA Depositor

With the ESA depositor you can work with aerated masses and fat fillings. Delicate depositor movements allow for flawless masses and suit a medium to large scale production.

Aasted Nilshot Depositor

The Aasted Nilshot is a depositor handling solid and filled chocolates. Designed for small to medium production you can create countless filled and solid deposited chocolates.

Bertha™ Stencil Depositor

A flexible stencil depositor for e.g. perfectly shaped cookies, cakes and crackers. Designed on a C-frame enabling easy application on existing line and for easy cleaning.

Chip depositor teaser.jpg
Chip Depositor

A flexible C-frame depositor on wheels for chips at a small-scale level or R&D purposes providing you accurate and high quality chocolate chips.

Professional depositing

Depositing of dark, white, milk chocolate, fat masses or even aerated masses into moulds, covers what depositing is all about. Depositing can be taken out at a slow pace for smaller production lines in different shapes and with various inclusions, or at high speed with simple masses - or the other way around. Many chocolate depositors can be tailor-made and often adapt to existing moulding lines.

With Aasted chocolate depositors, you have many options to choose from, depending on what your needs are. If you have a production line that you are likely to change, implement new machines and move around, a C-frame chocolate and other mass depositor machine is recommended. Chocolate depositors from Aasted serve all purposes, from being flexible, movable, dynamic, and of high-quality with the newest technology.

FrozenCone® technology

The FrozenCone® technology was invented in 1986 by Mr. Lars Aasted and originally launched in 1992. This revolutionary technology maintains its leading edge today as the only cold-pressing system on the market, with patented individual movable plungers, perfectly designed shell edges, the highest production speed, and completely sanitary design, without chocolate waste. The frozen cone even manufactures your designed shell edges without knives or roller scrapers.

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