About Aasted ApS

A worldwide market leading manufacturer of production solutions within the chocolate, bakery, and confectionery industries.

Aasted is a Danish consolidated and family-owned company that has always been driven by a passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries. Currently, CEO Piet Tæstensen continues to lead Aasted towards new heights by offering the best quality and continuous innovation. Quality and innovation are upheld by the strong merger with A.E Nielsen in 2010, which enabled the company to deliver a complete range of products to its valued customers.

Aasted supplies complete processing lines, machinery and equipment for the chocolate, bakery and confectionery industries around the world. At Aasted the mission for success does not stop at the product. We strive towards excelling at aftersales and services, to provide our customers with flexible and tailor-made solutions adaptable to any requirement. Regardless of our customers’ geographic location, we will guarantee fast and efficient service anytime, anywhere.



The company Mikroverk is founded.


Dr. techn. Kaj Aasted invents the world’s first patented continuous chocolate plate temperer.


World’s largest chocolate moulding line is created with a 1000 mm belt width.


Aasted acquires Mikroverk, and the company Aasted-Mikroverk is founded.


FrozenCone, world’s first patented cold pressing method producing perfect edged chocolate articles is invented.


Aasted-Mikroverk initiates the production of machinery to the bakery industry.


The Alicetm is invented, an innovative extruder and depositor for the bakery and confectionery industry.


Aasted-Mikroverk acquires Danish Food Technology producing bakery ovens.


Aasted-Mikroverk and A.E. Nielsen merge and mark a new era of the company named Aasted.


Aasted goes green with a revolutionary patented energy saving tempering machine, the SuperNova Energy.


Aasted introduces the patented Energy Enrober increasing the energy saving machinery assortment.


We are celebrating our 100 year anniversary by releasing several new machines and this website!