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Since 1946 when Dr. Kaj Christian Sophus Aasted developed the chocolate tempering machine column, we have continuously developed new and innovative tempering methods. With our tempering machines, you can handle anything from nougat, aerated masses, cocoa butter to plain milk chocolate, giving your production, endless possibilities when handling masses. Whether you have a small handcrafted production scale or large multi-country production, we will find the best chocolate tempering machine solution for you.  

Here at Aasted we offer traditional industrial chocolate tempering machines as well as innovative solutions that transform the way tempering is done. In 2011 we introduced the world's first energy saving industrial chocolate tempering machine SuperNova Energy that still excels and delivers the finest results - while giving you significant energy reduction and an increase in product's shelf life when compared to traditional chocolate tempering machine methods. In 2018 the creation of StellaNova revolutionized the industrial chocolate tempering machine process by having separate cooling and shearing processes, thus exponentially improving your production.  

StellaNova temper
StellaNova temper

The StellaNova transforms the tempering process by separating the shearing and cooling without sacrificing the quality of your chocolate reduces energy use and extends your production line output!

SuperNova Orbit

A crystallization and aeration unit for handling any mass. It creates a homogeneous mass that's easy to handle. Requiring no cooling it enhances the effectiveness of your production significantly.

SuperNova Energy temper

The SuperNova Energy provides you significant energy savings whilst enhancing your production quality. In patented methods the machines temper masses in an innovative and efficient manner.

AMC SuperNova temper

The AMC SuperNova provides you with a solution for any tempering purpose. Regardless of the type of mass and production scale the AMC SuperNova programme provides tempering excellence.

Nielsen Tempa Small

The Nielsen Tempa Small is a flexible tempering machine. With no requirement of water, you are provided a movable unit that delivers simple tempering.

Industrial chocolate tempering machines

The chocolate tempering machine process induces the correct fat and size crystals in the chocolate. How this process is undertaken affects the glossy appearance, the snap, and the heat resistance of the product. Well-tempered chocolate gives a great appearance, snap, and luscious consistency. However, not so well-tempered chocolate provides the product with a dusty white surface called fat bloom, which leads to a low-quality product.

With chocolate tempering machines, the ultimate goal is to have the best crystals- the beta crystals. Enrobing, moulding or filling your products with tempered chocolate containing a majority of the beta crystal will result in a high-quality product that not only has a longer shelf life but a product that the customers will love. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure to have the tempering process as a top priority since it is where the process of quality of the product begins.

Energy tempering technology

With the introduction of SuperNova Energy chocolate tempering machine in 2011, it became possible to temper chocolate in a quality-enhancing approach while simultaneously saving a tremendous amount of production costs. By keeping the chocolate at 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius higher than the traditional chocolate tempering machine solutions. 

This industrial chocolate tempering machine tempers chocolate with the majority crystals consisting of the beta 5 crystals. The product thereby will be enriched with a great snap and consistency, resulting in a high-quality product. Combining a SuperNova Energy with a Nielsen Energy Enrober, you can expect up to 2/3 of energy savings. Roughly three years after the operation, savings from lower variable costs equal initial capital investment.   

Mechanics of Supernova Orbit

When aerating a product, the air is injected in the middle of the crystallization process, and due to the nature of shear adding, the air will disperse without the use of traditional mixing head. 

The SuperNova Orbit can be used in a large number of applications. Since the air injection can be switched on and off, SuperNova Orbit can be used for both aerated and nonaerated fat based masses. Moreover, for extruded, wire cut and deposited centers for dessert chocolates and bars.

The revolution of StellaNova®

The newest addition StellaNova® temper, like no machine before, has separate cooling and shearing processes. Choose the exit temperature and the temper index separately. It's now possible to set the exit temperature as low as 27ºC while maintaining the highest quality of crystals, giving you the possibility to raise production line output up to 40% by needing much shorter cooling time.

The machine has a unique column design that produces 400% more shear and saves up to 50% of energy compared to the traditional chocolate tempering machine and is unprecedented in its capacity.

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