bakery tunnel


Designed to meet the highest industry standards

High-capacity baking

Since 2009 we have been developing and continuously innovating bakery tunnel oven solutions with the Conny ovens. Our Conny ovens are sophisticated bakery production lines producing the finest products in an efficient and innovative manner. 

When choosing a baking solution from Aasted, you will be provided with tailored solutions with unique know-how. Based on exceptional engineering skills, you are provided with the best solution regardless of your needs.

With our baking tunnel oven series Conny, you are provided with the highest quality output - regardless of the heating method. Our baking ovens come with indirect forced convection, direct, electrical or hybrid heating technology.

The Conny bakery tunnel ovens give you the possibility to produce any baking products. They can be combined with many of our machines for optimizing, decorating or developing your final product.

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Conny™ Convection Oven

The Conny Convection Oven is a highly energy efficient oven with countless baking options. With optional features such as conveyors, your requirements are met - regardless of size.

Conny™ Direct Gas Fired Oven

The Conny Direct Gas fired oven gives your products a flawless uniform baking through efficient direct heating. It handles countless of baking options and comes with a large variety of conveyors.

Conny bakery tunnel ovens

The Conny bakery tunnel ovens are designed to meet the highest industrial standards for baking of biscuits, crackers, cookies, cakes, pizzas, bread, and many other baking products. The Conny Ovens are baking tunnels that provide you flexible and efficient heat transfer resulting in a uniform and perfectly baked products. Conny bakery tunnel ovens come included with an easy to use HMI, giving you full control of each of the zones ensuring perfect baking process.

The Conny Ovens are engineered with the possibility of creating any product you like from the feeding zone. Combined with the Aasted extruder and depositor, you will have countless options in terms of product development. Furthermore, depending on the type of product you want to bake, we can offer different conveyor belts for individual purposes. With the Conny bakery tunnel ovens, you will have endless possibilities, supplying you the opportunity to bring your own baking experience to perfection.

Optimizing Baking Process

Very often, your baking process can be optimized in terms of quality and energy consumption. At Aasted, we are passionate about innovation and quality, and in that connection, we have developed logging equipment giving you access to enhance your baking process. Thereby we are able to measure your baking process and analyze where the energy consumption could be optimized and reduced.
Through our sustainability and optimizing logging, we have been able to give our customers around the world between 50-80% in energy savings. Not only do we provide you with world-class quality baking tunnels for every need and requirement, but also the opportunity to enhance the total baking experience for your benefit.

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