Auxiliary Equipment

For every piece of equipment at Aasted you have numerous auxiliary equipment to choose from. Besides Aasted’s ability to customize machines or complete lines for your requirement, the many add-on possibilities enable you to tailor-make your machines for any purpose.

The auxiliary equipment allows you to embed your production with many add-ons, enhancing the production or making your machine more dynamic. 

Aasted’s great variety of auxiliary equipment applies to both chocolate, confectionery and bakery machines. The many options enable you to produce at a more dynamic level and to produce a greater variety of products.

The add-on equipment is easily attached and installed to your production line. Discover the many possibilities you have by either upgrading existing machinery or your new Aasted equipment. 

Feeder Mixer

Feeding and mixing ingredients into a tempered chocolate mass. Enables you to produce products with various inclusions.

Aeration & Aroma system

Compact and mobile standalone units for aeration of up to 2,500kg/h. Easily connected to any moulding line for aeration purposes.

Filling & Weighing station

This station allows you to accurately deposit chocolate mass into boxes with a capacity up to 2½ tons/hr.

Melting Tank

The melting tanks have a capacity from 150kg to 5,000kg. Designed in hygienic stainless steel and easy to install on your production line.

waferbiscuit teaser.jpg
Wafer & Biscuit Feeder

A feeder system that gently handles wafers and biscuit for moulding or depositing lines.

ChocoAssort teaser.jpg

A robotic concept that precisely and accurately assorts chocolate articles into boxes.

stringer teaser.jpg
Chocolate stringer

A stringer unit for decoration of chocolate, bakery and confectionery products in a great variety of patterns.

Conveyor teaser.jpg

A system that transports ingredients to a feeder-mixer in your production line.

Cooling unit

A necessary tool for any chocolate production that ensures precise cooling for your production.


The chocolate pumps work with or without inclusions, pumps any chocolate mass regardless of viscosity. The range includes CP and CPI pumps

guillotine teaser.jpg

The guillotine works with fully servo controlled motions and cuts a slab into perfect portions.

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