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Celebrating 100 years of experience


Since 1917 we have innovated the manufacturing and handling of chocolate. We take great pride in pioneering the chocolate industry with cost effective and tailor-made solutions. Depositing, moulding, cooling, enrobing and tempering is taken out in the highest quality possible.

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Our bakery solutions include innovative machinery allow you to create beautiful, diverse and uniform products. Our technologies allow efficient and precise heating, extruding, depositing, with aeration, inclusions and multi color. 

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With Aasted you can create the finest confectionery products with inclusions, multi-color, special coatings, boxed assortments. Our confectionery machinery also creates the finest protein, granola, energy bars and fruit & nut bars. 

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One hundred years of innovation

This year Aasted celebrates its 100 year anniversary.

Since 1917 innovation and passion have been driving Aasted where it is today – A worldwide market leading manufacturer of production solutions within the chocolate, bakery, and confectionery industries. 

This year we unfold the story of Aasted since 1917 along with the revealing of new revolutionary technologies for the world to experience at Interpack. 

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