Confectionery and dough extruders

Flexible production with Aasted extruders

We offer the most flexible machinery on the market, be it dough extruder or confectionery extruder. Our machines give you the freedom to be creative while producing articles with the best results. With Aasted confectionery or dough extruding machines, you are offered the highest quality possible. For every purpose, we have a solution..

Whether you want to create single, double, or triple mass extruded products, we have the right equipment. Furthermore, you can handle masses with high or low viscosity and even masses with different temperatures at the same time.

Our Alice line allows innovation in a flexible and quality-enhancing manner. In 30 seconds, you can change from, for example, dough extruder production tool to another, allowing various methods of extruding or depositing, giving countless variations of your end product.

The Alice is available in different versions, be it for confectionery or dough extruding, suitable for small, artisan production and large-scale production. Patented technology solutions behind the Alice line allows you to be creative and reduce operating costs while enhancing the total quality of your production line.

Alice™ Extruder

Suitable for medium to large scale production handling up to 3 different masses in different temperatures. The Alice™ allows creativity and high quality results.

Alice™ S Extruder

The Alice™ S is an extruder for handling very sticky and dense masses in a hygienic and stainless steel design.

Alice™ Compact Extruder

Extruding and depositing with a single mass the Alice™ Compact Extruder allows precise and flawless results. Available with different head movements with automation and manual adjustment.

Alice™ C-Frame Extruder

A flexible and dynamic depositor and extruder on wheels for laboratory or continuous production. Become creative and experiment with products containing up to 3 different masses, plug-and-play.

Professional extruding

Dough extruder technology or depositing is a process of making bakery products. The technique is based on forcing dough through die plates. The firmest dough is often wire cut in order to make a uniform baked product at the end of the process in a bakery tunnel. Wire cutting also makes it easy to create bakery products with inclusions.

Extruding dough often gives you a final product with soft or rounded edges. It is ideal for cookies, cakes, doughnuts, churros, biscuits, or other products that are meant to be round. Depositing of dough is suitable if you require a final product with very sharp edges and precise shape.

Single, double or triple extruding

Our Alice™ confectionery and dough extruders provide single, double, and triple-headed depositing/extruding with various auxiliary equipment. The single head version allows you to create straightforward single mass extrusion or depositing.

The double head version gives you the opportunity to create co-extrusion, sandwich extrusion, sequence depositing, double-row extrusion, and more. With the triple head version, you can make multiple confectionery or dough extrusions and deposits, creating sophisticated and innovative products by combining different masses and fillings.

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