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Innovation and development

The Aasted Technology Center is an innovative environment consisting of 1200m2. Here product developer and dedicated food specialists help you creating the finest and advanced products. We take pleasure in helping people around the world achieving their every wish and desired goals with our machines. At Aasted Technology Center you can become acquainted with most of our machines and work with them as you please.

Our test center is at your service enabling you to experiment with chocolate, bakery and confectionery products. We offer you the opportunity to become familiar with our machines in order for you to find the right machines for your production. Furthermore, we host seminars helping to keep you informed on the latest trends across the different industries.

Experience and Learning

Visit and learn about our machines

Visit the Aasted Technology Center (ATC) if you want to try out a specific product according to your wishes before making an investment. Here you gain insights into our many machines by experiencing how they are to work with. For instance, try out our diverse and dynamic Alice™ extruder and become acquainted with its many possibilities of creative production. Learn how our several tempering machines can enhance your production line and get up-to-date on revolutionary methods of tempering and handling masses.

Interested in booking the ATC for testing out our equipment? 
Contact your local sales agent. The ATC has a fee of 2200 a day.

The ATC represents most of Aasteds equipment for you to experience through direct production according to your needs and desires. You can try out many of our own recipes on for instance protein bars, granola bars or simple yet delicious nougat bars. Observe the initial stage of extruded mass that are transported through a cooling tunnel, cut by guillotine, enrobed with chocolate, and getting through the final cooling – hereafter ready to be packed and distributed. Aasteds dedicated and passionate food specialists are there to walk you through the whole process based on your specific needs and wishes. 

Below is a selection of the machinery that you can experience at our Aasted Technology Center.

Alice™ Extruder

Alice™ is an extruder and depositor that handle masses from high to low viscosity, included masses or masses in different temperatures. The clear-cut engineering behind Alice™ limits shearing and smearing of your product, preventing waste of your recipes.

The head can manually be adjusted, automated with a vertical head movement or with both a vertical and horizontal head movement. Also with either single, double or triple head giving you the possibility of creating products with up to 3 different masses.

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Alice™ Compact

The Alice™ Compact is a simple yet high-performing extruder and depositor. It handles one mass of either high or low viscosity making it easy to operate, clean and maintain. The head movement is available with manual adjustment, automated vertical movement or with automated vertical and horizontal movement.

Alice™ Compact is a reasonable investment for one mass production. You are provided with a very precise extruder that’s easy to control from a real-time adjustable PLC touch screen. The belt width is available up to 1200mm.

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Conny™ Direct Gas Fired

A directly heated baking process is preferred for several products such as hard biscuits and crackers as well as several cookie types. Supplied in 2m preassembled sections minimizing installation time. Belt width from 800 – 1500mm.

The DGF oven is heated directly from gas burners in the oven chamber. The burners are evenly distributed throughout the zones in the oven. The DGF provide you a uniform and perfect baking process, fast heating and low energy consumption.

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SuperNova Energy

The SuperNova Energy keeps the chocolate in the crystallization zone for a longer time, uses unique scraper wings and precise temperature control. This results in immediate energy savings up to 80% and a quality enhanced chocolate.

The tempering index is kept constant making the mass enhanced with stable beta V crystals. This result in a chocolate that improves the taste, break and gives the best consistency to your product. Energy savings and enhanced quality characterized the SuperNova Energy.

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Nielsen Junior

Nielsen Junior Enrober is an easy handling, efficient and cost saving solution designed in sanitary stainless steel. With a detachable lower section you have rapid and flexible changeover between any enrobing material.

The Nielsen Junior Enrober gives you an adaptable unit with high production capabilities and uniform coatings. Available with a belt width from 420 to 1020mm and has 24 hour production capabilities.

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Aasted Nilshot

The Nilshot depositor handles solid and filled chocolates suitable for small to medium production. With the Nilshot you can create two layered products, long one-shot filled bars, truffles, bars, eggs, liqueur pralines and other one-shot ingredients.

Designed in sanitary stainless steel it is easy to clean and maintain. You can deposit countless of centers enabling experimentation as well as medium capacity production with up to 156 recipes in memory. The One Shot technology has a filling volume up to 80 % and is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Sophus Flexible

The Sophus Flexible is a depositor series that delivers high precision depositing with high quality servo system. The Sophus Flexible depositor help your small to medium production with becoming flexible and enhancing your end product quality.

Available in various versions enables you to choose the right solution for you. Whether you need small production, decorations on products, high or low viscosity masses or for spot/long deposit we have the right solution for you. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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Ranging from 420 to 1800 mm you are supplied with either direct or indirect cooling depending on your product. The specialized cooling system guarantees perfect crystallization, making your product taste, look, break and feel as good as possible.

A flexible and high efficient cooling tunnel in for both chocolate and bakery products. We created a design, which enables you to open each individual hatch making it easy for you to clean and maintain. Available in aluminum, stainless steel or a mix.

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