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The Nielsen Cooling Tunnel series provides you efficient and reliable cooling of any product. Cooling is the last stage of the production process, and our technology enables the best crystallization process, which guarantees you the finest end product.

Having the best cooling tunnel solution leaves your product with a beautiful gloss, a great snap, and a luscious consistency. By ensuring that your product has the highest cooling tunnel process, you can gain a competitive advantage and a great product. 

We take great pride in offering innovative and customized solutions meeting your needs. Therefore, no matter your requirements, we will deliver – with precise and clear-cut engineering.

Combining a cooling tunnel with a SuperNova Energy tempering machine will give your products the utmost highest quality due to the elimination of B3 and B4 crystals. This means your product will be cooled with exclusively B5 crystals – creating an exceptional product.

Nielsen Cooling Tunnel

With covers available in aluminum and stainless steel, the Nielsen cooling tunnel provides perfect crystallization for chocolate, confectionery and bakery products.

Industrial Cooling Tunnels

The cooling tunnel method you need for your chocolate depends on the final product. It is important to choose the right method since each method has its benefits. Products that are enrobed with chocolate require initial radiation cooling due to the thin chocolate surface. Products requiring cooling and setting of the base to preserve stability also need cooling using a water-cooled technology.

Products with a higher density, such as baked products, require a cooling tunnel with a convection-cooled technology. This allows the best result in terms of having the finest gloss and taste.

Our highly skilled engineers are happy to help you choose the right cooling solution for your production.

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