Conny™ Convection Oven

Conny™ convection oven bakes everything from biscuits, cookies, crackers, muffins to pizzas and much more. Engineered to provide you uniform and perfect baking, fast heating, and low energy consumption. Supplied in 2m preassembled sections minimizing installation time. Belt width from 800 – 4000mm. 

The oven consists of several zones with an energy module fitted with one or more blowers and a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can be heated with gas, oil or by electricity. Common to all of them, the baking air and the flue gas will not interfere with each other.


Add-on equipment

Feeder Mixer

Feeding and mixing ingredients into a tempered chocolate mass. Enables you to produce products with various inclusions.

Filling & Weighing St.

This station allows you to accurately deposit chocolate mass into boxes with a capacity up to 2½ tons/hr.

Melting Tank

The melting tanks have a capacity from 150 kg to 3,000 kg. Designed in hygienic stainless steel and is easily installed to your production line.


The chocolate pumps work with or without inclusions, pumps any chocolate mass regardless of viscosity. The range includes CP and CPI pumps

Introducing sophistication to your baking process

Aasted Baking Tunnels

Striving towards providing our customers with the highest quality machinery, we have been developing intelligent and innovative baking tunnels for your benefit. We call them Conny™. The baking tunnels gives you the flexibility to bake the finest product in any method you prefer. 

We are proud to be helping our customers becoming sustainable, enhancing the quality and improving their baking process from A to B. Our Conny™ baking tunnels come with the highest engineered quality on the market, assuring you a world-class baking process with the finest results. 

How it works

The heating source can be oil, bottled gas, natural gas or electricity. The combustion of the gas or oil heats up the inside of the heat exchanger. A large recirculation fan blows the air around the heat exchanger and hereby transfers the heat to the oven chamber. 

The main part of the heat is transferred through the surface of the combustion chamber and the rest is transferred in a counter flow process over the tube bundles of the heat exchanger.

Did you know?

Very often your baking process can be optimized in terms of quality and the energy consumption. At Aasted we are passionate about innovation and quality, and in this connection we have developed logging equipment to asses and enhance your baking process. Thereby we are able to measure your baking process and analyze where its possible to optimize and reduce the energy consumption. 

Through our sustainability optimizing logging, we have been able to give our customers around the world between 50-80% in energy savings. 
Not only do we provide you with world-class quality baking tunnels for every need and requirement, but also the opportunity to enhance the total baking experience for your benefit. 


The oven interior like ducts, inner lining and louvers are made in special corrosion resistant steel called CorTen. The outer cladding is typically made of enameled steel or stainless steel. Vapor hoods, feet and inlet hoods are made of glass blast stainless steel.

Each oven module is provided with minimum one large hinged cleaning door to provide access to the oven interior for cleaning and maintenance.

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The challenges in the bakery industry are centered around continuously changing environmental hurdles, financial constraints and an increasingly global customer base that are forcing flexibility. These changes demand many industrial bakeries to innovate and associate a more flexible production capacity.


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