The best energy
is the energy
you never use

Aasted Energy solutions

Achieve significant energy savings across your production by focusing on the most efficient energy conversion.

When climate change mitigations are achieved through energy savings, the benefits are twofold: On one hand, you can drive your sustainability agenda. On the other, everything can be financed through lower operating costs. An obvious place to start when you're planning new installations or want to modernize existing ones.

Get inspired, and learn how Aasted can help you accelerating your sustainability agenda.

You can expect:

  • Great energy savings across your production
  • Reduced CO2 emission and operating cost
  • Unchanged production process and product quality
  • A less susceptible business to unpredictable energy prices
  • Available for new and existing installations

Start saving far more than money!

Aasted Energy solutions explained in three simple steps.


Explore the energy supply for your equipment

Explore the consumption and energy supply of your equipment and realize the full potential for energy savings. A flexible energy supply for your equipment will allow you to switch to whichever option is cheapest and most energy efficient today – or that becomes available tomorrow.



Design for performance, quality and efficiency

The system connecting and suppling your equipment greatly impacts your performance, stable product quality, and energy consumption. Optimizing the system is often an unrecognized opportunity for improvements across the entire production.



Ensure a future-proof energy supply

Choose the right energy source that supports your needs and is energy efficient. Heat pumps ensure an electrified and efficient energy source, your sustainability agenda will benefit from the reduced energy consumption now and as the amount of renewable energy will become more available in the future.


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