Eriksen Line

The Eriksen moulding line is designed for production of chocolate centers for small lentils, balls, eggs, and similar articles and often given a final treatment of sugar-coating or polishing. The heart of the line is its cooled precision rollers forming the articles to perfection.

Choose between type ES, supplied with one mobile roller section, a cooling unit, a cooling tunnel including cooling compressor and cooling element as well as a sieve drum. The Type E is different by having a stationary roller section.  Both types can be accommodated with additional rollers, conveyors or sieves for future production. 


Product Samples

Chocolate eggs

The Eriksen Rollers gently moulds chocolate into uniformly and high quality eggs with a long shelf life. After a cooling process, the eggs can be sugar-coated in various colors. 

Chocolate lentils

Chocolate lentils are made in both white, milk and dark chocolate in high speed and capacity. The lentils can be sugar-coated in various colors after a cooling process. 

Chocolate balls

With the Eriksen Rollers you can mould uniform and accurate chocolate balls with a cooled precision. After a cooling process, the balls are ready to be sugar-coated. 

Experience cooled precision

The chocolate articles are formed between the two Eriksen rollers cooled down to a temperature between -15° and -25°C. This gives you a uniform and cooled precision, resulting in a perfectly shaped final product with a fine gloss, break and consistency. 

The changeover is easily performed between different products, such as lentils, balls, eggs, etc., simply by exchanging the roller. By having an extra set of Eriksen rollers in your moulding line you will achieve great efficiency and minimize your downtime between changeover.

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