Nielsen Sanitary Design

The sanitary design comes in stainless steel with a bottom, shaft and plates that are removable without tools. This makes it ideal for production with many different products, medium/large scale production, where cleaning is needed often. Because of the many removable parts, a total wash down is easy and fast. 

The cooling tunnel is easily handled and the sanitary design enables each zone to be opened individually. Together with the removable parts, cleaning or changing bands have never been easier - making your production as efficient as possible.


Add-on equipment

Feeder Mixer

Feeding and mixing ingredients into a tempered chocolate mass. Enables you to produce products with various inclusions.

Filling & Weighing St.

This station allows you to accurately deposit chocolate mass into boxes with a capacity up to 2½ tons/hr.

Melting Tank

The melting tanks have a capacity from 150 kg to 3,000 kg. Designed in hygienic stainless steel and is easily installed to your production line.


The chocolate pumps work with or without inclusions, pumps any chocolate mass regardless of viscosity. The range includes CP and CPI pumps

World-class cooling since 1942

Aasted Nielsen Cooling Tunnels

Aasteds Nielsen cooling tunnels stand out for their consistent reliability, top performance and its design making them easy to clean and maintain, maximizing uptime. At Aasted we are constantly developing and embedding our machines with innovation, making sure our customers have the utmost newest and best technology.  

With the Aasted Nielsen cooling tunnels you are provided with the best technology ensuring your products the best finishing touch for chocolate, confectionery and bakery. Our cooling tunnels are based on many years of experience, know how and passion, ensuring you having the best machinery in the industry.

Direct cooling

Air circulation above and under the products with a max airspeed of 3.2m/sec.This method gently removes BTU's from the product

Indirect cooling

Chilled air falls down over the articles by radiation. Indirect cooling is a a stable and fine process without interrupting your products.


For when your product needs to cool softer in the beginning of the process and more powerful in the end, minimizing fat bloom.

Experience the hygienic design

The Nielsen Sanitary design is a cooling tunnel engineered with a focus on accessibility, hygiene, and functional design.

The Sanitary Design allows complete access to the interior of the cooling tunnel for cleaning and easy maintenance. The Sanitary Design is engineered for being the most hygiene friendly cooling tunnel. 

The hinged bottom plates for opening of tunnel allows easy cleaning. All parts are made in stainless steel and are fully washable, as well as the cooling compressor housing - which also is designed for easy cleaning. 

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Aasted Nilshot Depositor

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