Alice II.
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Improve your productivity

The design of Alice™ II depositor and extruder is built to provide a safe and quick changeover

Alice™ II is extremely gentle when handling raw materials and maintaining their structure due to its pressure-controlled feeding system. It ensures accurate deposits and more minor deviations. The modular design allows you to change tools, like pivoting nozzles, wire cutter, etc., all connect automatically and swiftly vary depending on your product.

You can expect:

  • Better quality of final products
  • Availability for a wider variety and more aggressive masses
  • Quick changeover between productions
  • Flexibility to run the line while cleaning extruder head
  • Reduced downtime
  • Solution ready for complete wash down since it is built in stainless steel.

Experience the Alice™ II

Have a virtual tour and explore how it works!

Innovative design

Professional extruding

Off-line function

Gives you the opportunity to remove the head from the line. As the cleaning can be done remotely, the line can run with other machines during the cleaning sequence.

Adapts to your needs

The new Alice™ II can be supplied with a wire cutting system operating at high frequency for a clean cut and accurate position on the belt.

New pump design

The Alice™ II provides a new pump design for dosing masses. The new pump system can handle high amounts of inclusions.

The features of the head

  • Easy to remove stainless-steel head [1].
  • Assisting feed roller with independent speed control. The function is to gently guide the mass to the main feed roller – the Booster™ technology [2].
  • Booster™ feed rollers in all stainless-steel with active wings for highly efficient, slow running and gentle pre-feeding. First in, first out pre-feeding of mass [3].
  • Housing. A closed heavy-duty stainless-steel housing with full seam welding [4].
  • Measuring volume for detection of pre-feeding pressure [5].
  • Rollers for the off-line function [6].
  • Pump house/CamRotor™ is optimized for accuracy and gentle handling of ingredients. Choose either the GearPump or the patent protected Sine Pump CamRotor [7].
  • Die plate. A broad portfolio of die plates and tools are available to shape and form precisely the product you are looking for [8].
  • Nozzles. Fast changeover of nozzles and dies and quick connections [9].
  • Heavy Duty mechanism to lift and lower/release the CamRotor™ profiles automatically [10].

Cleaning and maintenance

The Alice™ portfolio is designed for you to have easy cleaning, quick changeover of production. All parts are light weight, easy to handle, and easily released and disassembled. As a unique feature the Alice™ allows complete hosing-down off-line. 

The Alice™ allows unique removing of the chamber for complete hosedown making cleaning hassle free. In-line cleaning is also possible with dedicated tools assisting you in the cleaning process.

Off-line function for easy cleaning

Reduce your downtime by being able to run a line while cleaning Alice™ II

Alice II has an off-line function that allows you
to remove the head while the production is still
running with alternative machines on the line.
This gives you the advantage of being able to
run the line while cleaning it remotely.

QuickShift™ tools

Want to create a great variety of products? Quickshift tools allows you to be creative with the following options:
  • One-shot
  • Two-color mass extrusion and wire cutting or single-mass extrusion
  • Wire cutting for large inclusions.
  • Sequence depositing
  • Single depositing and extrusion
  • Depositing with pivoting motion
We also offer you customized tools made just for your requirements. This will enable you to create any shape and inclusion you want.

Award-winning intuitive User Interface

While other machines have complicated to use interface, our new patented software has a user-friendly one. The interface is developed for users by users and is specially produced by Aasted for the bakery and confectionery industries.


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The challenges in the bakery industry are centered around continuously changing environmental hurdles, financial constraints and an increasingly global customer base that are forcing flexibility. These changes demand many industrial bakeries to innovate and associate a more flexible production capacity.


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