The ETX depositor is a center depositor that handles masses with high viscosity such as caramel, jam and toffee.  The depositor also handles chocolate chip depositing with high speed and accuracy. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Whether you need an easily maneuverable depositor, specifically for depositing filled bars, built-in lifting table or a depositor with integrated mould shaking, we have the right solution for you. The ETX depositor is adjusted to your specific requirements, giving you flexibility and a dynamic depositor. 


Add-on equipment

Feeder Mixer

Feeding and mixing ingredients into a tempered chocolate mass. Enables you to produce products with various inclusions.

Filling & Weighing St.

This station allows you to accurately deposit chocolate mass into boxes with a capacity up to 2½ tons/hr.

Melting Tank

The melting tanks have a capacity from 150 kg to 3,000 kg. Designed in hygienic stainless steel and is easily installed to your production line.


The chocolate pumps work with or without inclusions, pumps any chocolate mass regardless of viscosity. The range includes CP and CPI pumps

Precise and clear-cut depositing

Aasted depositing machines

Depositors from Aasted are embedded with high quality engineering since 1917. Flexibility, maneuverability, high quality and precision characterizes depositors from Aasted. A wide variety of depositors are available for you to choose from, all delivering flawless results in high accuracy. 

Regardless of you requirement, purpose for depositing, wish for final product, Aasted depositing machines got you covered. We are proud to offer a depositor program to you built on passion, knowledge and the urge to take our customers production to new heights. 

Dual functions

The ETX works both as a center filling depositor of masses with high viscosity and chips depositor. What characterizes the ETX is its speed and its inevitable ability to deliver clear cut depositing regardless of the speed.

The integrated mold shaker eliminates any trapped and undesired air in the articles, resulting in only the finest results. The ETX depositor gives you two functions, both delivering high quality depositing for you moulding line. 

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SuperNova Energy Temper

The SuperNova Energy provides you significant energy savings whilst enhancing your production quality. In patented methods the machines temper masses in an innovative and efficient manner.

Aasted Nielsen Master

The Nielsen Master enrober provides you an accurate and efficient chocolate coating for any type of product. It delivers reliability and accuracy from small to large production.

EP2 Depositor

Changing between products and depositing materials is fast and simple with the EP2. Suitable for medium to large scale production the depositor handles solid and filled chocolates.