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Uptime and efficiency

Whenever uptime is critical

A lifetime of continuous and trouble free operation

During your equipment's lifetime, you can benefit from several services that enable a continuous and more trouble less operation. We have collected all Aasted services that keep your production going by supporting your maintenance and repair efforts from the early start-up to your equipment's scrapping under the heading maintenance and repair. Aasted can supply original spare parts and recommend parts to stock as well as supporting services such as scheduled or preventive maintenance and repair due to unforeseen issues.

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Spare parts

Original spare parts to protect your uptime

Uptime, productivity and product quality all require the use of and swift access to original spare parts. Aasted spare part team is here to assist you with spare parts 24/7. Using Aasted original spare parts is not only a prerequisite for the Aasted equipment warranty, but it will also provide you with assurance and peace of mind. It is a safe way to manage the uptime and efficiency of your equipment. In short, spare parts from Aasted is a robust and safe choice.

You benefit from:

  • Guaranteed original quality
  • Swift access to original spare parts
  • Expert advise on parts decisions
  • Keep your warranty


Recommended spare parts

A stock of original parts to protect your uptime

Constant uptime without unexpected or short interruptions requires swift access to original spare parts. This logic applies specifically to new or unfamiliar equipment or initial operating conditions with limited technical knowledge. It can still be relevant for used equipment to rethink your spare part stock if your operating/commercial situation or environment changes. Whatever your Aasted equipment is, we can assist you with a recommendation for spare parts that fit your spare part strategy.

You benefit from:

  • Swift access to original Aasted parts
  • Experienced sparring on parts decisions
  • Minimize out of stock risk
  • Guaranteed original quality


Maintenance services

When planning is important

Aasted maintenance services provide access to several services, all aimed at planning your maintenance in line with your maintenance philosophy. At the heart of Aasted maintenance services is the idea of keeping productivity and uptime of your equipment high and, at the same time, protect the quality of your product. We do this by initiating a schedule for inspection, control, cleaning and preventive maintenance parts replacement.

Aasted offers to build the maintenance program or plan to suit your individual needs and/or let our experienced staff of technicians or engineers perform the actual preventive maintenance onsite or train your own maintenance team in line with the PM plan.

Preventive maintenance services from Aasted promise significantly fewer breakdowns and failures by keeping the equipment in good operating condition.

You benefit from:

  • Keeping downtime as low as possible 
  • Planned maintenance, less urgency
  • Less loss related to production stops


Repair services

Onsite repair and troubleshooting

Aasted’s skilled technicians are available for you whether you need support during downtime caused by failures or troubleshooting to find causes for downtime. Repair services also offer planned repairs. We aim to resolve your problem swiftly and have your production up and running.

You benefit from:

  • Keeping downtime as low as possible Access to support
  • Resolving issues quick
  • Less loss related to stoppage
  • First flight out possibility


Find a service package that suits your needs

Equipment breakdowns and emergency repairs can be very expensive in today's environment. If maintenance costs and downtime are essential aspects of your company, it must incorporate preventive maintenance into its maintenance strategies. Aasted service packages cover maintenance of your machines, training of your staff and support 24/7. That gives you the best conditions for running production with less downtime and shorter changeovers, less waste of energy, water and produce, and fewer errors.


Are you in need of support?
Contact our support team now

Aasted’s 24/7 Customer support is by nature remote. It is a service provided that enables online troubleshooting 24/7 against a service fee. Whatever your situation is – our support team is here to help.


Protect your uptime with original Aasted spare parts

Uptime, productivity and product quality all require the use of and swift access to original spare parts. Aasted spare part team is here to assist you with spare parts 24/7. Spare parts from Aasted is a robust and safe choice.


Learn more about our services in the download center

We aim at improving your productivity and quality as well as lower your cost by offering you our help in most situations you can discover during the lifetime of your equipment. Find the relevant downloads here.


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