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High quality equipment is a prerequisite for producing high quality chocolate or bakery products. But it is not enough. You also need to know how to make the equipment operate to perfection. That is why we at Aasted are introducing our new Service Packages concepts. To help you improve your production and your business.
Our service packages cover maintenance of your machines, training of your staff and support 24/7. That gives you the best conditions for running production with less downtime and shorter changeovers, less waste of energy, water and produce, and fewer errors. Instead, you get a more stable, consistent and efficient production with higher product quality.

Improve your production

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Maintenance and support

Our Preventive package offers you both preventive maintenance and support in your daily efforts but also optimizes your equipment or line as well as software.


Maintenance and optimization

Our Preventive+ package stays on top of your maintenance needs while adding on an optimization effort on top of your standard preventive maintenance efforts.


Maintenance and insights

Our Predictive maintenance package extends our preventive offerings and introduces Aasted IIoT into our maintenance offerings. We offer insight into your plant performance and trends.


Uncover the 5 benefits of preventive maintenance

Modern food processing and production equipment is more advanced than ever before. While this means increased production capacity, it also means more complications when something breaks or goes wrong. With a proper preventive maintenance strategy, you can ensure that your equipment continues to operate effectively and reduce the risk of premature failure.


A lifetime of services

We invite you to take a look at the range of services we offer. Increase productivity, lower costs, and improve the quality of your production.


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