Three additions for bakery industry

Flexible production and fast changeover

Aasted supplies complete processing lines, machinery and equipment for the chocolate, bakery and confectionery industries around the world. We always aim to uphold the quality and innovation of our machines. Our bakery solutions include innovative machinery that allows you to create beautiful, diverse and uniform products.
With an additional focus on baking, Aasted is proud to share three machines for the bakery industry. Aasted Dough feeder, Alice™ II and Alice™ Classic with a high-speed wire cutter, supply complete production lines for dough feeding and forming.

Built in stainless steel

The solutions focus on sanitary design and an off-line function, allowing our customers to easily remove parts of the machines in contact with dough for a full off-line washdown. Furthermore, the possibility for an instant changeover between a product with additional changeover parts, minimizing downtime on your lines.

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The challenges in the bakery industry are centered around continuously changing environmental hurdles, financial constraints and an increasingly global customer base that are forcing flexibility. These changes demand many industrial bakeries to innovate and associate a more flexible production capacity.


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Improve your productivity

Alice™ II extruder

Alice™ II is an entirely stainless steel depositor and extruder. The new solution helps you create the best bakery and confectionery products and improves your productivity.


Alice™ Classic extruder

Alice™ Classic with a high-speed wire cutter is a combination of a sophisticated high-speed wire cutting mechanism and a new extrusion head for high capacity and accurate dosing.


Aasted Dough feeder

The two-belt modular belt system is the most flexible solution for dough feeding. Provides complete control of the height and speed of dough supply while being extremely gentle.