Dough feeder.
The hygienic

The most gentle feeding of dough

Modular two-belt solution

Provides complete control of the height and speed of dough supply while being extremely gentle

Aasted Dough feeder two-belt modular belt system is the most flexible solution for dough feeding. The machine can be easily taken apart for cleaning, belt change, or product changeover. This solution provides you with a better quality of the final products by securing that your production doesn’t suffer shearing and smearing.

You can expect:

  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Automated and gentle dough handling
  • Reduced manpower
  • Effortless change of the feeding conveyor belt
  • Better quality final products
  • Built in stainless steel, thus ready for complete wash down
  • Has integrated electrical control system

Experience the Aasted Dough feeder

Have a virtual tour and explore how it works!

Three module setup for easy cleaning

Dough feeder consists of a hopper, feeding and conveyor modules

This modular design allows the machine to
be easily taken apart and moved for cleaning.
The solution is built entirely in stainless steel
making it completely wash down and compliant
with health regulations and standards.

The three separate modules

The most flexible solution for dough feeding

Incline conveyor

Choose a conveyor depending on your application. It can incline or deliver mass to lower storage. Comes in different versions depending on your plant layout.

Feeding module

This module comes with an option of a kibbler or a sheether, thus giving you a wider range of dough you can process. It can be lifted to a trolley for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Hopper module

The hopper is robust, simple and has a Tru-Trac® heavy-duty driven belt floor. The machine’s sides are hinged and easy to remove to provide access for cleaning.

Extremely easy servicing of the hopper

The modular Aasted Dough feeder hinged
hopper sides and the quick release and lift
of the conveyor table, makes it extremely
easy to clean and service the machine.

Award-winning intuitive User Interface

While other machines have complicated to use interface, our new patented software has a user-friendly one. The interface is developed for users by users and is specially produced by Aasted for the bakery industry.


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