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A revolution in tempering

Revealing the most striking advance in the chocolate tempering process since 1946.

Following 1946, when Dr. Kaj Christian Sophus Aasted invented the world’s first patented continuous chocolate plate temperer, Aasted has been continuously advancing and perfecting the chocolate tempering process. With more than 100 years of experience, the new StellaNova tempering machine is based on extensive knowledge of chocolate and provides flexibility like no other tempering solution seen before.

You can expect:

  • Achieve up to 40% shorter cooling time
  • Reduce your chocolate waste by up to 75%
  • Save up to 50% energy
  • Changeover between productions in 1/10 of the time
  • Extended mass landscape
  • Lower operating expenses and downtime
  • Reduced likelihood of production stops

We have a question for you!

What if ... a new tempering machine could lower your chocolate exit temperature by 3 degrees?

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For the past 100 years, we have been working with tempering and have discovered that everything in chocolate production revolves around tempering. It is the starting point that defines your processing path, and it determines the quality. 



The most radical improvement of your production

StellaNova gives you full control of the tempering process, the chocolate exit temperature can be lowered 3° degrees without compromising on quality. This reduces the need for cooling time significantly and leaves you with a hard choice. Should the improvement of your production be used to increase your capacity or to free up space due to a much shorter cooling tunnel?



Considerably less production downtime

StellaNova comes with a 75% smaller internal volume, it means that the changeover between productions can be done seamlessly and in 1/10 of the time. This leaves you with a new choice. Is the best thing about the new StellaNova that it can reduce your chocolate waste by up to 75%, or that you will have considerably less production downtime?



Key to achieving greenest ambitions

The new tempering machine, StellaNova gives you a more efficient tempering process, your cooling need can be reduced by up to 40%, and your chocolate waste in your production by up to 75%. This means less energy consumption, reduced CO2 footprint and a new choice for you to make. Is the best thing about the new StellaNova the money it saves you, or that it unlocks your green ambitions?



Opening of new markets

StellaNova is flexibile like no other tempering machine, you can use one machine for multiple products and outputs. This leaves you with a new choice. What is the best thing about the enormous flexibility of the new StellaNova? That you can use it to increase your capacity, or that you can expand your product portfolio and potentially enter new markets?


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