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Meet Nicklas

The Automation Technician

"As an automation technician, I provide the power for the machines we produce here in Aasted. I pull the cords and wires and mount them inside the electric cabinets. I also do a lot of mechanical work, connect parts and make sure the machines are powered and run well. I really enjoy it since I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I like when things run as they are supposed to."

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Meet Serif

The Automation Technician

"As an automation technician, I guess we can call ourselves specialists in control boards. At least, I feel that I have become somewhat of an expert during my time here in Aasted. And I think the reason for this is that I have been giving such free rein and the time to develop. They trust us. And if things get done right and done on time, then that is what really matters in the end."

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Meet Bente

The People Manager

"I love working with apprentices because the younger colleagues bring something entirely different for the team. I think I have an important responsibility in ensuring that they end up within the education and the skills they have chosen and that we constantly make sure that they are involved.

I want to show them how to work and how to be part of a workplace. We have several apprentices in Aasted, and they are really happy to be here - at least that is what they tell us that. They think Aasted is a perfect place to be. And I guess that must be the reason I also like it so much here."

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Aasted Office. Friendly, yet professional culture

Learn about the life in our office, the ultimate combination of a friendly yet professional culture – at Aasted, you don’t have to choose between the two.


Aasted Global. Development of the business and you

We’ve got a strong strategy for growing our business and one for developing our colleagues too. Discover our global opportunities and start your career in Aasted.


Corporate Social Responsibility - contributing beyond business

We are responsible for the society we operate in, and we believe that social and environmental responsibility and sustainability are essential factors for long-term success.


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