People Manager

"The well-being of our team is very important - and when that's present, good results follow."

I heard about Aasted through a colleague from a previous job who had gotten a position here. I started following Aasted on LinkedIn and receiving their news. In 2020 I was hired as People Manager and moved from my hometown in Odense to my new job and closer to my daughter here in Copenhagen.

Employees are very passionate

As People Manager, I manage 20 employees in the factory, Line Assembly, where the machines and combined lines are assembled, packed and sent to the customer. A working day typically starts with me taking a tour around the production, saying hello to my team, and getting a status on the operation. We often have 8-10 projects running simultaneously in our team, which is why I also have project meetings every day. When running all these different projects, we all must get off to a good start in the morning. 

I like that we work on more significant projects and not just on a series of production. But we do run fast, and sometimes that can be extra challenging. For these processes to succeed, we need good collaboration across the organization, and here I find that my employees are very passionate about their part of the projects. That is why we also want to keep motivating them, and what motivates them is often the fact that they are allowed to follow their project from start to end. 

A big part of my everyday life here in Aasted is also working with LEAN and Kaizen projects and ongoing follow-ups on our KPIs. It is an integral part of our work that helps optimize processes in the department and helps us deliver our solutions to the customer on time and in the best quality.

Aasted is a perfect place to be

A very different but also very important part of my work is the collaboration with our apprentices. I love working with apprentices because the younger colleagues bring something entirely different for the team. I think I have an important responsibility in ensuring that they end up within the education and the skills they have chosen and that we constantly make sure that they are involved. I want to show them how to work and how to be part of a workplace. We have several apprentices in Aasted, and they are really happy to be here - at least that is what they tell us that. They think Aasted is a perfect place to be. And I guess that must be the reason I also like it so much here.

One thing that brings meaning into my daily work is making my team feel secure and in balance with what is happening here in the factory and Aasted. It is also important that they learn the value of sparring with each other and learning from each other and not just to keep their knowledge to themselves. Sharing knowledge is important. That is something we work on a lot and something that provides good energy.

We have a cozy and relaxed way of communicating here in our team, and I always see smiles and hear laughter all around. It motivates me to have skilled colleagues many of them have been here for many years and are so passionate, loyal and not least happy to be here. And of course, it is also important that we create some results together. The well-being of our team is very important - and when that's present, good results follow. That's how it is.