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Meet Rune

The Service Engineer

"There is a hotel in Warsaw that I have stayed in for over 600 nights. That is really special – you are kind of a rock start there. When I get there, everybody is saying “Hello, Rune”. Then there is the additive that you get to see the world. How often do you vacation in Ukraine or Belarus? In Ukraine, I was on the local football team since I stayed there for quite a while."

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Aasted Factory. Unveiling the perfectionist in you

Learn about the life in our factory, what working in the Aasted factory has to offer, and read the stories of some of our colleagues from the factory.


Aasted Office. Friendly, yet professional culture

Learn about the life in our office, the ultimate combination of a friendly yet professional culture – at Aasted, you don’t have to choose between the two.


Corporate Social Responsibility - contributing beyond business

We are responsible for the society we operate in, and we believe that social and environmental responsibility and sustainability are essential factors for long-term success.


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