Newly graduated automation technician

"We are being treated equally, regardless of our role as either apprentices or employees."

After my 3,5 years of apprenticeship here in Aasted, I graduated and now am a skilled automation technician. I play soccer and work out in the gym in my spare time – not so much lately because of Covid19 – but other than that, I enjoy hanging out with my friends.

I continuously get to try something different

As an automation technician, I provide the power for the machines we produce here in Aasted. I pull the cords and wires and mount them inside the electric cabinets. I also do a lot of mechanical work, connect parts and make sure the machines are powered and run well. I really enjoy it since I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I like when things run as they are supposed to.

Starting as an apprentice at Aasted was kind of upheaval, I must say. I felt like a complete noob. It was also a pretty big company to start out in, so there was a lot to learn about the systems and machinery and just seeing how such a workplace functions, but you learn quite quickly.

As an apprentice, you are teamed up with a more skilled colleague who you follow and learn from. You change around a bit from task to task - there are many tasks in a project. In the beginning, I was held responsible for the smaller modules on the machines, and that was cool too. But now, after my apprenticeship has ended, I now take care of my "own" machines and am responsible for the larger modules. I enjoy it because I get to try something different and talk more with my colleagues on the office side; I communicate with the engineers about how the machines are built and how they run. But in the end, there is not much of a difference now compared to before. We are being treated equally, regardless of our role as either apprentices or employees.

Never two days are same

So, in general, I think this is a great place to be because there are so many things I have learned and still can learn. I work with so many different teams here at the factory in Aasted. For example, we work a lot with the moulding department, and once I was sent to work with cooling tunnels for a couple of months.

The biggest plus and what motivates me the most is probably that I have such different and varied tasks. If it had been a smaller place, I could imagine that there would probably be a lot of the same tasks for longer periods of time. But here in Aasted, a machine can easily take half a year to build, and that's why there are never two days the same here.

– Nicklas