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Aasted Smart Control™. A unified operating concept

Aasted Smart Control™

Reduce your downtime, maintenance, and service costs. Get the most out of your machine efficiency.

Aasted Smart Control™ is an example of what can be accomplished from listening to customers. The new interface is the result of valuable feedback, comprehensive analysis, and close collaboration with operators and experts. Detailed displays, controls, and organized structures provide intuitive execution of interactions with complex settings for machine motions.

We are proud to introduce you a one for all, unified operating concept!

See a video about the development of the new intuitive User Interface for the production of chocolate, confectionery and bakery products.

Optimize machine and production performance

Aasted Smart Control™ allows to monitor and control all components of the productions process. It delivers quick access to a machine or line component, provides a clear overview of your production performance and trends analysis with easy to read data and simple visuals like graphic charts.


Reduce service and maintenance costs and lower your downtime

Immediately identify and locate errors in your machine or production. The Alarm display provides clear color codes for alarms and isolates the exact location of the error, consequently reducing the time spent locating faults.


Decrease customer support costs and lower downtime

Instantly solve any errors that occur in your production. The FAQs provide context-sensitive help in troubled situations, a detailed guide of what to do in certain situations, therefore allowing an especially fast response time to issues and errors.


Less operation errors with intuitive workflows

Follow a step-by-step guide reduce the occurrence of errors in your production. Aasted Smart Control™ enables to run any Aasted machine smoothly, with it assisted step-by-step workflows and guide called TASKS. This allows fast operator training, fast completion of tasks and smooth production.

A new User Interface design

The Aasted Smart Control™ is suitable for a variety of applications specialized in tempering, extruding, enrobing, depositing, baking and cooling for complete processing lines as well as stand-alone machines within the chocolate, bakery, and confectionery industries. The new interface adapts and compliments all machine types from small auxiliary devices, combined lines, and up to highly customizable complete moulding lines, hence adapts to a wide range of monitor sizes.

  • Intuitive execution of interactions with complex settings
  • Clear color codes for alarms and visuals error localization
  • Active support through step-by-step instructions
  • Context sensitive help available in all situations
  • Accessible on display help with FAQs
  • Graphic charts and trends to visualize performance and efficiency

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot award in 2019

Aasted has reason to celebrate; we won over the international jury with the newly developed User Interface, called Aasted Smart Control™ in the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019. Based on the high design quality and creative accomplishment of the Aasted Smart Control™, the jurors awarded the sought-after Red Dot.

Over several days, the experts had scrutinized, discussed, and assessed a total of 8,697 international entries to the competition to ultimately, select the best for an award.

Welcome to Aasted

Visit Aasted Technology Center and experience Aasted Smart Control™

At Aasted Technology Center you can become acquainted with most of our machines and work with them as you please. Our test center is at your service, enabling you to experiment with chocolate, bakery, and confectionery products.  We offer you the opportunity to become familiar with our machines to find the right solution for your production. See how the Aasted Smart Control can help you reduce downtime, service, and maintenance costs. Fill in the form below or contact our sales manager. Start exploring the possibilities of Aasted.

Let us inspire you – so you can make delicious possible!


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