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Assure your chocolate quality

The Aasted ChocoAnalyzer is a whole new way of measuring chocolate and fatty masses.

With the help of ChocoAnalyzer, you can improve and optimize your production by measuring the contraction and expansion of chocolate and fillings to get a better product and save energy. This exclusive instrument measures tempering, crystal melting points like DSC and contraction.

On this page, you can find the latest software version and get in-depth knowledge about the ChocoAnalyzer by watching the instruction videos.

Improve your production

With the ChocoAnalyzer you have a more accessible and more comprehensive method to determine the quality of chocolate during production. This is done by showing the correlation between crystal form and the degree of contraction. With the ChocoAnalyzer you can investigate the influence of tempering on the contraction. 

The ChocoAnalyzer has four built-in measuring methods. The contraction meter, that compares how much and how fast your chocolate or filling contracts. The line simulator, that tests and optimizes your profile. Crystal melting points (CMP) test the melting points on your chocolate like the DSC. And lastly, ChocoMeter Plus, which is an updated version of the classic tempermeter.

  • Simulates your cooling tunnel and its effects on the contraction 
  • Enables you to guarantee the quality of your production 
  • You can adjust the temper to achieve the maximum contraction
  • Enables you to inspect the tempering quality in various equipment 
  • Measures how filling expands or contracts the chocolate, thus avoiding cracks in pralines 
  • Helps you to understand and thus extend the lifetime of your products

The sample reactor within the ChocoAnalyzer instrument is an airtight closed system produced in aluminum to obtain a high heat transfer coefficient to ensure sufficient heating or cooling.

ChocoAnalyzer comes with an updated temper meter ChocoMeter+. It has an improved and more precise temperature sensor, water-cooled cooling cell and a new power supply.

The software and user interface of ChocoAnalyzer are developed for users by users. The user interface is intuitive and built on the vision that the user can easily control the machine using apps.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact:

Olivier Dujoux Olsen
Product Manager

Phone: +45 4434 8270

Latest Software 

Version 1.1.31

  • Japanese language available in the language selection
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the crystallization point values on the ChocoMeter printout were fixed at 23,9 °C @ 256s
The software update bundle includes "Release Notes",
"Installation Guide" and "Installation files".


Introduction to ChocoAnalyzer

Step by step guide to ChocoAnalyzer

Instructions how to handle

See how to correctly handle the ChocoAnalyzer, what it contains, how to store it and how to start using it. 

App activation and filling guide

See step by step how to correctly fill and clean the sample cups for the contraction meter and the ChocoMeter+.

Instruction videos – Apps

Step by step guide to ChocoAnalyzer apps

Line simulation app

See how to use the Line simulation app to define the most efficient cooling profile for the chocolate.

Contraction app

See how to use the Contraction app to find how different masses contract or locate the ideal tempering index.

CMP liquid app

See how using CMP liquid app you can test the heating stability and determine the types of crystals present in chocolate.

CMP solid app

See how using CMP solid app you can find the melting point and the crystals present in your chocolate.

Expert mode app

See how you can create additional tests for your masses to go through or view all set and current values in the ChocoAnalyzer.

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