Learn the 10 most critical challenges in tempering and how to solve them

Chocolate tempering is an unstable process that makes chocolate ready for processing. It is especially susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity/moisture and agitation. These factors later influence issues such as blocking in enrobing, prolonged cooling, difficult unmoulding, and eventually low-quality products.

This whitepaper uncovers the ten most critical challenges in tempering and their consequences on your business. Learn how to avoid and solve them by making simple changes in your production line.

What you get:

  • Reasons why your cooling time need is too high and how you can lower it by up to 40%.
  • How to avoid ineffective changeovers between productions and save up to 75% mass waste.
  • How to solve blocking in enrobing and saving up to 3 hours downtime per day, allowing for a 15% higher capacity.
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