Aasted approved
used equipment

Approved and re-certified by Aasted

With an Aasted Solution, you can expect premium quality and first-class engineering. For 100 years, we have strived to offer our customers second to none solutions, which is why all our machines go through a thorough certification process.

The used machines which become Aasted approved equipment are screened, re-certified and have been through a complete Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to ensure quality and production stability.

Aasted approved used equipment includes a warranty of 6 months from the time equipment is shipped from Aasted, ensuring that it lives up to the Aasted quality standard.

  • Restored, re-certified and approved by Aasted
  • Warranty – 6 months from shipping
  • Lower investment and fast delivery
  • Available for inspection at Aasted headquarters, Denmark

Extruding Equipment

Alice Extruder with 3 heads
Alice™ Triple 800 XZ

Triple heads. Width: 800 mm. Movement: XZ. No electrical or mechanical installation. No tools. Year: 2014. Item no. 24-0013.

Tempering Equipment

Aasted SuperNova tempering machine
SuperNova Energy 1000-P

Available for sale in US. New temper with a heat exchanger and built-in water system. Size: 1,000 kg. 3 x 460V, 60 Hz. Year:2019. Item no. 03-0063

Enrobing Equipment

Nielsen Tempa 420
Nielsen Tempa 420

Max. capacity of 100-130 kg/hour. L.1200 x W.810 x H.1415 mm. PLC: Siemens. 3 x 400V, 50Hz. Year: 2015. Item no. 21-0045.

Nielsen Junior enrober
Nielsen Junior Enrober 420

Junior enrober. Band width: 420 mm. Year: 2015. Item no. 21-0027.

Quality is in our DNA

All Aasted approved machines go through a complete Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) covering visual inspection, functions, controls and safety. 

Next, all components are tested to guarantee that they are accurate and calibrated. It covers all aspects of the machine such as temperatures, pressure, speed, rotations, dosage, safety etc. We document all tests and know the complete story of the machine. 

You can be sure of the quality you receive. 

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