Business Partner in Finance

"People are ready to listen, and people are ready to make a difference"

When I started in Aasted as Business Partner, there was no one here with my function. It was something we had to develop and build on. After about half a year, the workload became too much, so we needed some extra people in the team. Currently, we are three people in the department, and I have become the leader for Finance Business Partnering.

Making colleagues shine

Our department is actually the link between the finance department and the rest of the company. As Business Partner, I am a sparring partner who helps with analysis and business development: How can we do things differently? How can we do things better? Here it is all about standardization, automatization and digitalization. Here, I feel the whole chain of value and try to give as much guidance as possible. I present data for my colleagues easily and simply so they understand where and why it is essential for them—taking something complex and making it simple for those who need it. It is about making my colleagues shine in the role they are in.

People are ready for teamwork

When I take hold of something I want to change, people here in Aasted are ready. I have been in other companies with a stronger silo mentality – if it is not happening in their silo, they are not bothered with it because they want it to work for themselves. I think Aasted is going in the right direction, where we really want to help across departments and make it work. Because of this, you have great opportunities to grow. People are ready to listen, and people are prepared to make a difference. And you have the chance to affect things in the direction you want if you can come with something specific and demonstrate that this is what we get from it. Also, if it is not necessarily your area of expertise, they are still ready to find solutions across departments and work together. The colleagues will go far to make things a success.

– Claes