Spare Parts

At Aasted we want to extend the lifetime and maintain the quality of your equipment. That is why offer a continuous replacement service of mechanical, electronic and hardware parts. This service ensures you a fully functional operation with minimal downtime. 

Replacing your worn Aasted parts will not only maintain the warranty but also ensure that your products always have the best and newest technology to maximize the quality it delivers.

Get in contact at for:

  • Continuously optimization of your efficiency 
  • Maintaining the warranty period of your machinery 
  • Extend the lifetime and ensure minimized downtime 
  • Sustain the Aasted quality of your product lines


Serving the chocolate, bakery and confectionery industry for 100 years, we always deliver unquestionable service to our customers. This is something we seek and never see to compromise. 

Making sure our machinery runs as smooth as possible and making sure your production delivers quality - is a top priority at Aasted, so please do not ever hesitate to contact us at

To ensure that you will have an error free operation, we strive to provide the best and swiftest repairs. If you experience the slightest malfunction, we are there to help - as fast as possible.

We believe that delivering you the best repair service is vital in the event of an operational breakdown - thereby never compromising the efficiency of your production.

Retrofit and Reconditioning

Optimize the quality of your products by upgrading your existing machinery. Sometimes the solution is merely a smaller upgrade, but an upgrade which can change the performance of the equipment significantly. 

At Aasted we constantly evolve our machinery and the technology, which means our machinery is always one step ahead. 

Energy saving is one of many enhancements of our machines that you can implement in your current production line. Our technology allows great water and power reduction, making your production line more green and cost-saving than before. We have dedicated experts that will consult you with all the options available to your current production line. 

Contact your local sales agent to get started.


In order for you to produce at the highest efficiency, your machinery needs regularly maintenance. We have 30 highly skilled engineers located around the world who are eager to help you maintain a high quality production - and ready to help you at

We offer a maintenance program that is tailor-made to your needs. Your machinery is taken care of by the best engineers educated in the newest technology available. We proudly strive to ensure that your machinery operates at its highest capability - giving you the absolute best end products.

Logistics and Handling

We offer you a worldwide delivery service through our own shipping department. Our dedicated shipping personnel carefully handle your machinery from our headquarters in Denmark to your factory. We arrange transportation by land, sea and air giving you the most efficient delivery as possible. 

Our shipping department are happy to help you with any inquires you might have regarding our logistics. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at


Our devoted experts are happy to evaluate your current production. You will be assisted in thinking outside the box, making the impossible possible and achieving a flawless operation with minimized downtime. 

Whether you require consulting in product development or in production machinery, we will give guide you safely based on 100 years of experience and passion.

With our consulting services you will be in the hands with the most experienced in the industry. Our dedicated experts will consult you in:

  • Customized solutions for any product of your requirement
  • PI diagrams for a complex line
  • Consulting at the factory level
  • How to minimize water and power consumption 

Training and Courses

Working with Aasted you are provided with the best solutions, but also provided with unique knowledge based on a 100 years of experience. We want ensure that you are left with no unanswered questions and that you are fully capable of operating your machinery. Therefore, we offer specialized training courses with up to 30 participants. We are happy to have the course at your location or at the headquarters of Aasted.

Our specialized training courses include: 

  • PLC Programming
  • Troubleshooting
  • Servicing
  • Parameter assistance 

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