What if ... a new chocolate tempering machine could unlock your green ambitions?

Is the best thing about the new StellaNova the money it saves you, or that it unlocks your green ambitions?

Outdated tempering processes and operations aren't as efficient. The machines are not as effective, therefore require more energy. This potentially leads to more energy consumption than needed, high electricity costs, and high CO2 footprint.

StellaNova has a 60% smaller motor and column. The new design holds up to 75% less chocolate while still being extremely efficient.

StellaNova’s chocolate tempering process doesn’t require a reheat. Combined, with having a smaller motor and stack, these two factors save up to 50% energy, compared to traditional tempering machines.

StellaNova saves up to 50% energy

StellaNova’s revolutionary tempering process and a 60% smaller motor and column can save up to 50% of energy costs and reduce your CO2 footprint.

Experience StellaNova's temper technology

Experience the new StellaNova, a solution that transforms the tempering process. See how this solution and it's brand new tempering process separates the cooling and shearing processes without sacrificing the quality of your chocolate, reduces energy use and extends your production line output!

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The most radical improvement of your production

StellaNova gives you full control of the tempering process, the chocolate exit temperature can be lowered 3° degrees without compromising on quality. This reduces the need for cooling time significantly and leaves you with a hard choice. Should the improvement of your production be used to increase your capacity or to free up space due to a much shorter cooling tunnel?


Considerably less production downtime

StellaNova comes with a 75% smaller internal volume, it means that the changeover between productions can be done seamlessly and in 1/10 of the time. This leaves you with a new choice. Is the best thing about the new StellaNova that it can reduce your chocolate waste by up to 75%, or that you will have considerably less production downtime?


Opening of new markets

StellaNova is flexibile like no other tempering machine, you can use one machine for multiple products and outputs. This leaves you with a new choice. What is the best thing about the enormous flexibility of the new StellaNova? That you can use it to increase your capacity, or that you can expand your product portfolio and potentially enter new markets?


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