Nielsen Junior

Nielsen Junior Enrober is an easy-handling, efficient and cost saving solution designed in sanitary stainless steel. With a detachable lower section you have rapid and flexible changeover between any enrobing material. 

The Nielsen Junior Enrober gives you an adaptable unit with high production capabilities and uniform coatings.

Nielsen Junior enrober

Extruding Equipment

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Alice™ C-Frame 400

Alice double head, prepared for three head. PLC: Allen-Bradley. 3x400V, 50HZ. No. Year: 2014. Item no. 24-0015.

Depositing Equipment

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ESA Depositor

ESA depositor PLC.Allen-Bradley. 3 x 400V, 50HZ. Excl. depositing plate & nozzles. Year: 2016. Item no. 04-0005.

Aasted FrozenCone® unit

FrozenCone Lab unit that requires cold water connection. Year: 2016. Item no. 04-0085.

Tempering Equipment

Aasted AMC 50 CTS Air
AMC SuperNova 50 CTS Air

Small mobile tempering machine. Aeration unit included. Year: 2017. Item no. 03-0058.

AMC SuperNova Temper

AMC SuperNova 550-P tempering machine with extra water and heat exchanger. PLC: Siemens. 3x400V, 50Hz. Year: 2017. Item no. 03-0203

Aasted StellaNova temper

StellaNova – unsurpassed quality in chocolate tempering with a brand new process. PLC Siemens. 3x400V, 50hz. Year: 2019. Item no. 03-0091

SuperNova Energy 2000 CTS

Tempering machine with vibrating sieve, extra water and heat exchanger, level control and actuator. PLC: Siemens. 300x400V, 50Hz. Item no. 5308-03-0001.

Enrobing Equipment

Nielsen Tempa 420
Nielsen Tempa 420

Max. capacity of 100-130 kg/hour. L.1200 x W.810 x H.1415 mm. PLC: Siemens. 3 x 400V, 50Hz. Year: 2015. Item no. 21-0045.

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