Bar line

The Aasted Bar Line produces high-quality bars with countless of options. Whether you wish to produce granola, fruit or nut bars – the Bar Line provides you with the highest quality bar. The Aasted Bar Line is tailor-made to meet your requirements ranging from 400kg to 1.500kg/hour capacity.

Producing bars in slab form with cold/warm rollers, with conveyor belts, by stencil depositing or extruding. For different purposes, the Aasted Bar Line has various cutting options. For instance, if you want to produce a bar with very dense materials, you would need rotary knives, etc. The Aasted Bar line handles all masses and can be adapted or be tailor-made to create the finest bars.

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Product Samples

Nougat bar

You can produce bars with dense masses such as nougat as well as making caramel layers. The bars can be enrobed with any chocolate material as desired.

Protein bar

With the Aasted Bar line you can produce high-quality protein bars with the best texture and taste with all kinds of enrobing and with inclusions, only your imagination is the limit.

Granola bar

The Aasted Bar line handles any mass, including nut, fruit and granola masses. The bars are cut with the high precision guillotine resulting in beautiful products.

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