100 years of innovation

Since 1917 we have been on a continuous journey to provide our customers with innovation, quality and custom-made solutions within the chocolate,  bakery and confectionery industry.

We look forward to unfolding the history of Aasted since 1917. Discover the world’s first plate temperer, world's largest moulding line and many more revolutionary technologies. At Interpack we are thrilled to announce several new patented and revolutionary technologies within tempering, enrobing and moulding line equipment. This year we look forward to sharing pieces of history with you, along with the revealing of several new and patented technologies.

SuperNova Orbit

A crystallization and aeration unit for handling any mass. It creates a homogeneous mass that's easy to handle. Requiring no cooling it enhances the effectiveness of your production significantly.

Aasted Nielsen Enrober

The Aasted Nielsen enrober provides you an accurate and efficient chocolate coating for any type of product. It delivers reliability and accuracy from small to large production.

Chocoanalyzer teaser.jpg

A new and revolutionary approach for quality assuring your chocolate through four thorough scientific measurement methods.


1917 – Where it all started

The first Jensen Line was invented, a continuous running moulding line with an inbuilt cooling section.

1946 – Tempering column

Dr. techn. Kaj Aasted invents the world’s first patented continuous chocolate plate temperer.

1950 – World's largest

World’s largest chocolate moulding line was created with a 1000 mm belt width.

1971 – Managing Director

Lars Aasted becomes Managing Director He is still active in product development.

1987 – Aasted-Mikroverk

Aasted acquired Mikroverk which invented the Jensen line, and Aasted-Mikroverk was created.

1992 – FrozenCone

World’s first patented cold pressing method creating perfectly edged chocolate articles.

1999 – Managing Director

Allan Aasted becomes managing director and the third generation took over the company.

2003 – Bakery industry

Aasted-Mikroverk initiated the production of machinery to the bakery industry.

2004 – Alice

Alice, the innovative and patented extruder and depositor for the bakery and confectionery industries was invented.

2009 – DFT

Aasted-Mikroverk acquired Danish Food Technology producing bakery ovens.

2010 – A.E. Nielsen merger

Aasted and A.E. Nielsen mergers, which marked a new instance and the company was named Aasted.

2011 – SuperNova Energy

Aasted goes green with revolutionary patented energy saving tempering machine, the SuperNova Energy.

2013 – Nielsen Energy

Aasted introduces the patented Energy Enrober increasing the energy saving machinery assortment.

2016 – SuperNova Orbit

A revolutionary and patented method for crystallization of fat based masses to almost solid state.

2016 – ChocoAnalyzer

An innovative and research based instrument for enhancing the quality of chocolate ensuring the finest products.

2016 – Managing Director

Piet Tæstensen becomes the new CEO and the owners will act as working members of the Board.

2017 – New patented releases

In extension of our anniversary, we are releasing several new and patented technologies at Interpack.

Tempering Machines

SuperNova Orbit

Depositor Program

Aasted Nilshot

Alice™ Depositor and Extruder

The Aasted Quality Lines

The Jensen Flex Line

FrozenCone™ Technology


Bar Line

Cooling Tunnels

Laboratory equipment



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