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Revealing the most striking advance in the chocolate tempering process since 1946.

Following 1946, when Dr. Kaj Christian Sophus Aasted invented the world’s first patented continuous chocolate plate temperer, Aasted has been continuously advancing and perfecting the chocolate tempering process. The new StellaNova chocolate tempering machine is an evolutionary step to ensure the best quality of tempered chocolate.

Furthermore, you will be able to see the SuperNova Orbit made especially for tempering of crème and fat fillings. A tempering and aeration solution that makes direct plastification and aeration of fat based liquids possible. Or experience the Aasted ChocoAnalyzer or the new ChocoMeter+, instruments that can significantly enhance and quality-assure your chocolate production. Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to see the brand new technologies of Alice II Extruder and depositor and Alice High-speed wire cutter.


Hall 10.1, Aisle F – Booth #011

Introducing a new chocolate tempering process

We are excited to present StellaNova. Unsurpassed quality in chocolate tempering with a brand new process. Built entirely in stainless steel.

The new StellaNova, like no tempering machine before, has separate cooling and shearing processes. It’s now possible to set the exit temperature as low as 27ºC while maintaining the highest quality of crystals, giving you the possibility to raise production line output up to 40% by needing much shorter cooling time. The machine is built entirely in stainless steel and has a unique planet wheel design within the column that ensures 400% more shear without creating additional shear heat and saves up to 50% of energy compared to the traditional tempering machines.

  • Hygienic stainless steel design
  • Contains 75% less chocolate than traditional tempering machines
  • The highest quality in chocolate tempering
  • Does not create ß4 crystals
  • Shorter cooling time, hence more throughput in the production line
  • Smaller motor and no required reheat saves up to 50% of energy
  • No add-ons required
  • Compact design and up to 50% lighter in weight
  • Easy to operate

Other Highlights at ProSweets 2019

Don't miss out on the highlights that will be showcased at ProSweets 2019


New ChocoMeter+ for fast and accurate measurements

ChocoMeter+ allows you to track, assure and maintain the highest quality of tempered chocolate. A high-end and reliable instrument, being used by major companies in the chocolate industry.

Alice II

Alice II. Next generation extruder and depositor

Alice II provides you with entirely new possibilities for creating the finest and most unique confectionery products. It is built on an innovative concept, that gives more control and freedom while increasing quality.

Alice High-speed wire cutter

New sophisticated Alice High-speed wire cutter

The new Alice High-speed wire cutter is an extremely gentle and accurate dedicated wire cut machine for higher capacities, both in terms of a number of cuts per minute, extrusion capacity and working width.

Discover more at ProSweets 2019

Additional machines to be displayed at Prosweets 2019

SuperNova Orbit

A crystallization and aeration unit for handling any mass. It creates a homogeneous mass that's easy to handle. Requiring no cooling it enhances the effectiveness of your production significantly.

Chocoanalyzer teaser.jpg

A new and revolutionary approach for quality assuring your chocolate through four thorough scientific measurement methods.

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Here at Aasted, we provide you with the best solutions, but also with the unique knowledge based on a 100 years of experience. We have a great variety of machines, solutions, and services. This means countless possibilities depending on your specific needs. We offer you the opportunity to become familiar with our machines in order for you to find the right one for your production.


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