Nielsen Tempa 420

The Nielsen Tempa 420 offers total enrobing works and tempering for any production line. By having a unit which requires no cooling water, the unit is movable and makes your enrobing process adaptable to any existing or new line.

Despite its modest size and capacity, the Tempa 420 provides superior quality suitable for any production line. The unit is designed in stainless steel with a built-in tempering unit. Movable on wheels you are provided with a flexible quality machine with a 200kg capacity.

Laboratory Equipment

Aasted has a series of machinery suited for smaller production lines, decoration purposes or laboratory testing. This series of equipment enables you to produce at a small scale, become creative and test out new ideas while working with machines of the highest quality. 

The laboratory equipment work as a way for you to constantly optimize and ensure that the chocolate you are working with, is at its highest quality. By having testing and laboratory equipment, you can produce a small amount of your desired product and perfect it - prior to a full-scale production. 

Aasted ChocoMeter+

With the ChocoMeter+ you can calculate the chocolate temper curve and temper index to quality assure your chocolate production.

Chocoanalyzer teaser.jpg

A new and revolutionary approach for quality assuring your chocolate through four thorough scientific measurement methods.

Alice™ C-Frame Extruder

A flexible and dynamic depositor and extruder on wheels for laboratory or continuous production. Become creative and experiment with products containing up to 3 different masses, plug-and-play.

Temper 50 100.jpg
AMC SuperNova Temper

The AMC SuperNova provides you with a solution for any tempering purpose. Regardless of the type of mass and production scale the AMC SuperNova programme provides tempering excellence.

Cooling simulator teaser.jpg
Cooling simulator

The Cooling simulator is a movable unit on wheels for simulating and perfecting your cooling profile.

Eriksen rollers teaser.jpg
Eriksen Rollers

Various Eriksen Rollers for lab and R&D purposes for producing chocolate balls, lentils and eggs.

Aasted FrozenCone® unit

Aasted patented cold pressing of articles into perfect shaped shells, enhancing shelf life and quality.

Chip depositor teaser.jpg
Chip Depositor

A flexible C-frame depositor on wheels for chips at a small-scale level or R&D purposes providing you accurate and high quality chocolate chips.

Nielsen Tempa 420

The Nielsen Tempa 420 is a flexible enrober with an built-in tempering machine. With no requirement of cooling water, you are provided a movable unit that delivers accurate enrobing works.

Nielsen Baby Flex Enrober

The Nielsen Baby Flex enrober is suited for smaller productions and can be disassembled without tools. It delivers accurate enrobing works in a highly flexible and efficient manner.

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