Corporate Social

Contributing beyond business

"As an international market leading manufacturer,
we believe that social and environmental responsibility
and sustainability are essential factors for the long-term
success of our business."

– Piet Tæstensen, CEO

Corporate Social Responsibility report 2018

As a 100-year-old company, we are aware of our responsibility towards the society that we operate in. We view our corporate responsibility as part of our business foundation, values and strategy. We always strive to run our business concerning both social and environmental concerns. Our CSR report aims to ensure that we live up to the demands and expectations that we, legislation and our shareholders place on us.


Code of conduct

At Aasted we aim to give value for everything we do. At the same time, we need to ensure that we run and responsibly develop our business, based on our values. Aasted's Code of Conduct contains our guidelines for responsibility and good practice for our customers, partners, employees and owners. It regards social, ethical, work and environmental concerns and is to be used in thought and action.