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At Aasted, we are continuously and closely monitoring the recommendations from the national and international health authorities regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19. We initiated a number of measures to keep the business running while taking good care of the people around us. Our production is still running to the benefit of our customers, suppliers, employees, and we are seeking to avoid undue delays.

While we have limited physical interaction with our customers, partners and suppliers, we urge everyone to take advantage of the virtual channels available to continue to drive our respective businesses. 

We are continuously reviewing the situation and are ready to react rapidly to changes and will keep you closely informed as the situation evolves.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated September 11, 2020

How is Aasted impacted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak?

  • At Aasted we follow the Danish Government statements on COVID-19 coronavirus and have initiated all the recommended measures. Read our press release to learn more about all the measures we have taken read here.
  • Following the Danish Government statements on COVID-19 coronavirus at the press conference on May 7th, we have started a gradual reopening of our offices, and since May 25th, all Aasted employees are back at the Head Quarters in Farum, Denmark.
  • Aasted contingency group monitors the situation closely, it provides direction and guidance based on advice from recognized international health bodies, together with official guidance from the government, municipal and local authorities.
  • Aasted is ready to react quickly and will take action to minimize potential risks this may have for Aasted employees, our customers, and the business in general.

How is Aasted protecting its workforce from exposure to COVID-19?

  • Our production is still running to the benefit of our total value chain. In these challenging times, we are doing our utmost to keep the business running while seeking to avoid interruptions.
  • Most meetings, if possible, are still hosted online through digital channels unless decided otherwise.
  • All scheduled trips and external meetings are postponed and, if possible, be hosted online through digital channels.
  • We have started to receive guests at the Aasted site, but only in cases when a digital meeting is not possible.
  • We are now able to send our employees on certain business travels with specific guidelines to follow.
  • All common working spaces have been adapted to secure the recommended distance between employees and information posters of safety measures have been set up. Furthermore, an intensified cleaning of joint contact surfaces is in effect.

How does the Coronavirus outbreak in the rest of the world impact Aasted’s supply chain?

  • Aasted’s supply chain has nearly been not interrupted. Our team of project managers is in close contact with customers and our supply chain and will keep all parties duly updated.

Are there any near-term impacts to Aasted production and delivery schedules?

  • Facilities are continuing operations, and great care and additional precautions are being taken to ensure safety and continuity of the full production.
  • Aasted is leveraging its global network and working proactively to re-route orders, expedite alternative component supply, and bring up additional manufacturing capability in other regions.

How are Aasted’s Global Services impacted by COVID-19?

  • Aasted 24/7 Customer Support team is available day and night on telephone +45 4434 8090. The team has the proper back-up support available to ensure fast responses and close coordination with relevant functions in Aasted.
  • We are actively working to support our customers during this unprecedented time and have put in place proactive measures and offers to support the needs of our remote workers to be able to assist our customers.

Does Aasted provide customer service at customer site?

  • We have local service employees or 3rd party partners in certain countries, and this has allowed us to perform physical installations and startups.
  • Furthermore, where feasible, we have started traveling to provide service, given we follow specific safety measures.


How will Aasted prioritize which customer will be visited by Aasted technician when boarders open?

  • We are engaging closely with our customers and seek to optimize as efficiently as possible for all concerned parties. This is different from country to country and company to company.


How does Aasted alleviate supply chain risk?

  • We are in close contact with our suppliers and take advantage of the broad network we have built over many years.


What e-mail address should I use when contacting Aasted? 

  • We are actively trying to support our customers during this time. All the relevant contact information can be found at https://www.aasted.eu/contact


How do I contact the local sales in a specific country?


Does Aasted provide customer service at customer site?

  • Aasted provides customer service at certain local sites. Sites at Germany, US, Turkey, Brazil and Thailand if travels are allowed.


Does Aasted provide customer service at customer site?

  • Aasted provides customer service at certain local sites. Sites at Germany, US, Turkey, Brazil and Thailand if travels are allowed.


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