Welcome to Aasted

At Aasted we have a passion for people. We believe that our employees are the real assets of the company and that is why we aim at creating the best foundation for our employees.

We do this by continuously strengthening and supporting our values as well as developing and training the competencies of our employee. We aim to develop competent employees and talents. By working in a goal-oriented manner with competent employees, activities associated with the fulfillment of our company’s target will ensure that our employees continue to develop.

At Aasted, we practice leadership based on a desire to direct the company towards our vision. It is the responsibility of management to ensure a common direction of the company, and the direction is followed with the help of the hands, heads and hearts of our employees. Consequently, it is management’s prime responsibility to create purpose and encourage dedication and drive though trust, delegation and facts.

Working at Aasted

As an employee at Aasted you have the unique opportunity of cross collaboration between departments throughout product development. Consequently, you will naturally help your customer at each point of the product's manufacturing.

You are expected to take responsibility for delivering quality results and improving the company's portfolio by always striving for innovative solutions and increased efficiency in the workplace.

In order to encourage amicable work relations amongst employees and across all departments, we have created Team Aasted. This outlet allows all employees to suggest social activities such as a company fishing trip, after-work bowling, ski trip, etc. – only imagination is the limit, to garner camaraderie outside the workplace. Aasted employees themselves choose the social activities that are carried out about four to six to eight times per year.

Our canteen serves a variety of healthy and sustainable everyday food in exchange for a small sum. The daily menu is inspired by the season as well as regional ingredients.

Our Values

Our values at Aasted are our guiding principles for how we interact both within the company and also with our customers. Upholding these values in our flat organization is essential to the productivity at Aasted: to ensure that everybody lives up to the same standards whilst pursuing personal and company goals.

We are open, honest, and direct - we call things as we see them


We act respectfully in everything we do


We are loyal to the company - we think of it as our own


Vacant Positions

You can apply using our e-recruitment system. Please click on the link below and see our vacant positions. Aasted will confirm your application by email and hereafter go through the applications.

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Unsolicited Applications

If there are no listed job openings at Aasted, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application and register with our Job Agent. Thereby you will receive an e-mail when a position within your job interests becomes vacant.

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Job Agent
Please note that the more specific you are regarding a specific job or discipline and your own qualifications, the easier it will be to see if there is a match between your needs and needs of the Aasted.

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Students/Technical Education

If you are a student looking for an internship, project writing, student job or technical education etc. you can apply by using our e-recruitment system. Please send your motivated application by following the link below.

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Please specify the period during which you are interested in joining us either for an internship or project writing and the title/subject of your project. Please also describe how far you are in your studies, your qualifications and your professional interests.